Anyone tried Inov-8 f-Lite 230s?

I just bought a pair of these at the Zappos outlet.  I figured for $25 I'd give them a try, but I'm not so sure about them.  I also bought a pair of Merrell Bare Access Arcs and my friend is going to hopefully be taking one of those two pairs, but from the phone description she's leaning towards the Merrells.  I want to like the Inov-8s better.  They look nicer and have less heel cushioning and appear like they SHOULD be the more barefoot alternative... but they are stiff and I am a horrible judge on whether shoes will break in or not.  If they break in and soften on the soles, I think they will be excellent full foot alternatives to my VFFs, especially for colder weather.  But if they don't, I just wasted my $25 and they will take up room in my closet.

Anyone bought these before?  Do they break in and soften?

Also, sidenote, while I was there I found a pair of the Evoskins in my size and tried them on.  I had them on for 30 seconds before I HAD to get them off my feet as fast as humanly possible.  They feel SO icky and slimy and sticky!  Why would they use that horribly slimy feeling type of rubber and have it be totally unbreathable?  I would even go so far as to say I preferred the Fila Skeletoes to that mess.


  • Don't know if this helps any but I used to wear the f-lite195s. They were very flexible after a couple of runs and I really liked them.  I see that the 230s have a 5 mm drop though and I don't think I'd like that. I would lean towards the Merrells, but they look like too much shoe for my taste.

    I hope one of the shoes work out for you.
  • Were is the Zappos outlet? I tried looking online and wasn't having any luck.
  • is the Zappos outlet
  • TsuaSai- it's in Shepherdsville, KY, just south of Louisville.  6pm posted above is their online outlet, but anything that's returned that they can't re-sell online from those two sites (and that may be everything that's returned including clothes, purses and kitchen goods) they sell in the storefront attached to the fulfillment center warehouse for ridiculously cheap prices.  And since they never have enough space on the floor, they have insane sales on top of those prices 1-2 times a week. I've found quite a few pairs of minimalist shoes there for super cheap (mainly many pairs of Merrells, and I constantly have my eye peeled for the Teva Zilch).  Though, of all of them, my favorites aren't even advertised as minimalist -

    I found them in a dusky blue.  They have a thin insole which I took out.  Even with the thin insole I got great ground-feel and the shoe will roll into a ball, but without the insert I honestly feel like I'm wearing protective socks instead of shoes. I  need to find a pair in black so I can wear them as my daily business casual office shoes.
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