Seeking recommendation for KSO replacement

A little background - I've been wearing VFFs for over 2 years at this point most days (Classics when it's over 60, KSO Treks when it's cold+wet or snow, KSOs the rest of the time). I am NOT a runner, but I can work in VFFs so I both live and hike (casually) in them.

Last weekend a stick tore a notable hole in the mesh area of my KSOs, making them less than work appropriate.

In theory I could just put the KSO treks on when it's too cold for the classics, but I find that they really start to reek if I'm not wearing socks, and I find the (Injinji) socks tend to wear out relatively quickly. In addition, there's a notable loss of sensation in the KSO treks as compared to the KSOs/classics. All other things being equal, I greatly prefer the sensation of the ground.

It also seems Vibram has expanded their lineup substantially.

Any recommendations from people out there on what to get? I ask in hopes that there's something KSO-like but more durable on top (several of my toes have small holes from minor wear and tear, especially when I do something clumsy and drag my toe). I'm willing to try thicker soles than the KSO, but preferably not as thick as the KSO Treks

Thanks in advance,



  • Lots of people recommend the Komodosports as alternatives to KSO. I've only ever tried them on briefly, but they seem to have qualities that make them a good 'all-around' VFF like the KSO. For your specific concerns, they have a more durable upper and a medium-thickness sole (by VFF standards).

    I'll be retiring my KSO's ( :'() and getting some Komodos ( ;D) in the next week or 2, hopefully. I can't wait to take them hiking!
  • The upper on the Komodosport is much thicker around where the KSO has mesh, but the forefoot fabric is about the same thickness. I would imagine the sole has considerably less "ground feel". (I don't have KSO myself... yet.)
  • Go with the Komodos for everyday use or the Spyrodos for treking. Both are excellent shoes. Get the strap versions of you have narrow feet or the LS version if wider feet. Or get them both!
  • You will not find anything in the current line up or anywhere that will give you the feel or feedback of the KSO...... I have many many pairs....  My KSO's are my favorites, Speeds second, SeeYa's third, KSO Treks, Trek LS, Bormio's are fourth, and Komodo's fith...  All the others I have sold because I didn't wear them....  If you like ground feel and curling your toes the KSO's and Classics are it......
  • I agree with barefootin.  If you do not want to replace your KSOs with more KSOs, then maybe Speeds are a good option.  They have decent ground feel and are comfy and breathable.
  • I replaced mine with Bikilas and then Speeds.  Both are good replacements and I use them all the time.  Then again I still pull out my KSOs about once a week and they have over 1,600KMs on them.  I think they could last over 2,000KMs minimum.  My Bikilas only have 700KMs on them so I guess what I am saying is that I won't be having to replace anytime soon.  Speeds are just for racing and only have a couple hundred KMs on them.  Depends what you are using them for but for running which is the only reason I use VFFs you can't go wrong with Bikilas, KSO's or Speeds.
  • The Komodosports were my first VFFs and they are still my favorite as I now have four pair.  The Trek LS come in a close second due to their casual wearability.  You cannot go wrong with the Komodosports.  Much more comfortable than the Bikilas.

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