knee pain

I've recently developed a pain in my left knee - on the outside and bottom of the patella. I have been running exclusively in VFFs as I get ready to transition into indoor track (15 miles this week )...this is substantially less than the 75mpw that I run shod (I was running 10-15mpw barefoot during my XC season) so I'm not sure its a case of TMTS.

Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?


  • Well, I had knee pain in my left knee (I think it was my left).  I self-dianosed it as Pes anserine bursitis.  I had thought was a result from doing too much too soon.  If that was true then it would not be what is affecting you.  Though the location of your pain sound like what I experienced.  It was extremely painful and had me out of action for about two weeks.  I need to take a lot ibuprofen just to tolerate the pain.  I did a lot of online searching and found a useful stretch for the quadriceps that seemed to be part of the problem.  Knee down on both knees.  Move one leg forward placing your foot flat and your lower leg perpendicular to the floor.  Grab the opposite ankle and then lean forward so that you end up on one knee (the leg being stretched), and with your other foot as before - adjust for balance.  You'll keep your stretching leg ankle close your your butt with your hand, torso over your waist straight back and tighten up your abs.  Adjust as appropriate.  I've found this to be the most intense quad stretch I've come across and do this in the evening as part of my stretching routine before bed and after a run.

    Here's a link that you might find useful:
  • Hmm. I'll take a look, although it sounds like you experienced/are experiencing a lot more pain than I am - mine is closer to a residual soreness than anything, but it's sore in a place it shouldn't be. Thanks for the help though, I think the stretching may help anyway...!
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