Going to back to conventional shoes from VFF

I have been running in VFFs for about 4 years and have loved them.  I am getting more serious about running and want to move to a minimal shoe that provides just a bit of cushioning for the increased miles.  The problem I have now it that conventional shoes don't fit anymore.  Almost every pair is either too tight in the toe box (here) or gives a sharp pain just in front of my heel, on the outside of my right foot (here).

Has anyone had this issue?  How did you get past it?

At the moment, I am thinking about finding the most comfortable and just breaking my feet back in to conventional shoes.

So far I have tried the following shoes:

Entire Altra line (too tight in toe box)
Entire Minimus line, both zeros and the 10 series.  Have a Run Zero in 2E on order to try those. (pain in front of heel or instep too tight)
Vivo Evos (toe box)
Mizuno Wave Universe (narrow)
Asics Piranha (narrow)
Merrel Glove series (instep too tight)


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