So what would you do ?

On recent vacation to the States, I took advantage of the much lower prices of VFFs and some online discounts for delayed delivery to our villa.  As a result I am now the proud owner of a pair or Treksports and 2 pairs of Bikila LS....... 3 pairs for just $40 more than I would have to pay for one new pair in the UK, so its given me with a nice problem to have :

The use of the Treksports is sorted, but Im wondering whether I should just use one pair of the Bikilas until worn out with the other pair in reserve or alternate the use of the Bikilas (maybe even split between one pair for external use and one pair for the gym which will predominantly be CV work and treadmills - it rains a lot over here and sometimes outdoor running isnt always a nice option) - any thoughts ?


  • Personally, it would really depend on how often I would use a single pair to work out. If I'd be using them daily, I'd probably alternate the two pairs so I could wash or let the other pair air out. If it was just a couple of times a week, I'd be tempted to keep one in reserve, but I'd also worry that by the time I wore one pair out, vibram would come out with something newer and more desirable (and maybe more reasonably priced - I'm grateful I live in the states where I can find cheap pairs!)
  • You'll be wearing through rubber at the same rate, so you'll get the same life out of the 2 pairs no matter what you do.
    I would use them for different purposes. You might end up with 1 pair that's stinky/worn/faded/etc and still have a pair that's in good shape, depending on what you use them for.
  • Alternate them.
  • Yeah, I agree with what others have stated.  Alternate them.  If you keep one pair for indoor use and one pair for outdoor use, you will be abel to see which environment and conditions are harder on your shoes.  I would be surprised if they wore at the same rate.
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