VFF heel strap/hook solution

ok.. so i searched around the forum and couldn't find any topic that covers this issue.

i say it's an issue because everytime i wear pants, that little heel strap, or heel hook, gets in the way and prevents my pant from reaching all the way down to my heel. it's not only ugly but it's uncomfortable. it gets really old having to reach down and grab the leg and pull it over the hook everytime i get up from a none standing position.

has anyone found a good solution to this other than cutting that heel loop/hook? i thought of cutting it, but i just want to see if there's any other solutions out there other than cutting.  ???


  • Don't know what straps or hooks you are talking about?  On the Komodosports?  Most people on the forum have a problem with their pants being too long and sliding underneath the heel.

    Maybe post a picture so we can see what you are referring to.
  • it's that loop on every VFF that you pull on the heel cup to get your heel into the shoe. every VFF has it. my pants always get caught and never reach to the bottom of the heel. it's super annoying.
  • Oh the fabric loop?  hmm, I try and get my pants to snag onto that so they don't hit the ground.  You could just cut the loop off or get pairs that don't have it like classics and Speeds.
  • yes i was wondering if there's any other kind of mod that would not require cutting.  :-\
  • Maybe glue the loop to itself, how do you say it... Put glue on the inside of the loop and push it together/ against the heel? Just an idea, never tried it myself.
  • i thought of doing that. but then gluing would be pretty permanent. i wonder if there is some kind of clip you can clip it together to the fabric so when wearing pants it won't get caught and when wearing shorts you can take the clip off.  ???
  • You could tack in (sewing) a little snap and snap the tab to the back of the shoe.  Cubicle51 did something similar on another thread except he was attaching the tab to his pants to keep them from dragging on the ground.  It is in a trip clip thread if I recall correctly.
  • ok.... after many thoughts. i think i am going to cut it.

    i just don't think there's any real way of eliminating it from catching the pant leg other than just straight cutting it.

    my only worry is that it might look bad after.  :-\
  • I actually like it when the back of my pantleg is snared on the fabric loop on my Komodos. It keeps my cuff from dragging on the ground.
  • i just did it.  ;D

    it was a bit unnverving cutting into a relatively new pair of shoes, but it worked.

    the thing is.. my pants are perfectly length and flushed to the leg that the strap just gets in the way. without the strap my pants (both jeans and khaki) rest nicely to my feet without touching the ground.

    i actually tried velcro, it worked for a couple days and then the velcro started peeling off. so heck with it.
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