NOOO! Rip in Trek Sports

So while long boarding tonight we were sliding garages and I cranked a slide too sharp and was about to slam into a concrete wall so i bailed and flipped (literally) out of the slide. Some where in the process my big toe got dragged on the ground and ripped the fabric between the toes right where it meets the rubber. Needless to say this is very saddening. Is there any way to mend this or at least cover the hole so my toe does not stick out? I can retire these to just being my boat shoes and they won't see much hard use, I just dont want my toe sticking out like a hobo. I can't bear to throw away a still good pair of my trek sports. While I have been doing it for so long and have gotten used to it, i unfortunately have to find some other kind of shoes to long board in because my VFF are too nice and too expensive to ruin like this sliding. Damit.



  • I fixed a few pairs with needle and thread with great results, you don't need to be an artist, just get to work and it might work like it did for me.
    good luck
  • I have the same pair, and they start to wear away  just from regular use!  I think the other colors are better, it just seems like the black pair are the only ones with the additional grey threaded design between the toes.  I would just try and sew them up with some thick thread.  I remember Barefoot Ted would do those ultra long longboard rides in VFF's and he'd have to patch up the soles.  What would be cool would be to find those gloves that those Short Track speed skaters use and take off the plastic finger tips they have and glue them onto the tops of VFF's to make them more slide/tear resistant.  I had to give up skating in VFF's due to my extensive foot braking.
  • ill see if i can sew them up, but they separated right at the rubber, so i'm not sure how im going to get it to stay together there. Foot braking is a no no haha! Get the slides down!
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