It's been a while...

I'm back! We've bought a house and moving is a real pain. Also got smart phones and haven't been using the computer to check birthdayshoes.

Anyway, I wanted to get some new shoes and needed advice since the market exploded with minimalism and knew I could find all the info here. I missed you all and will probably lurk around till I get my bearings. I'm still loving my merrell pace gloves and classics. I had thought about getting stem shoes before they changed their name to leming . Now if I get them, will I walk off a cliff into the ocean? ;-)

I really wished I had gotten some softstar sandals 2 years ago. :-(

Anyway, I'm looking for sandals kinda like the zilch, but without the silly toe strap. I will probably get some more merrells since the new NB linings are too narrow.

Forgive my errors, typing on a smartphone is dumb. ;-)


  • welcome back, superstar!  did you follow the new VFF's all the same? how do you like the olympic edition?
  • Just caught up on the blog. I would kill for some union jack classics. ;-)

    I also saw your huge classics collection on the blog. So many shoes, but only two feet. Lol

    Good to be back. :-D
  • Welcome back!
  • yeah it has grown all by itself  :o, I never intended to become a collector, but there are now very few Classics that I don't own. Mind you we never managed to get Vibram send us a list of all the colors that were released, 2006 probabaly has seen a host of colors we don't know about... mostly released in Italy
  • Welcome back! Thanks for staying away though... allowed me to become the member with the most time online!  lol
  • <Re>welcome !  ;D
  • welcome back - i'm just returning myself
  • on 1340899411:

    welcome back - i'm just returning myself

    Re<welcome> to you too!
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