coming back to running...

hi all - been awhile - some might remember me here...or not :)
anyway - stepped away from running the last couple years and got way into to cycling
never lost my minimalist shoe passion though
i still wear dharmas to work, and vibes and vivo shoes for running or anything else for that matter
what happened was i was running quite a bit in my vibes (60 miles week)
and had lots of foot issues
so i started biking and got hooked and pretty much forgot about running
save for the occasional run or charity 5k
anyway - i have come back to running
i still bike daily which has helped me return to running
i no longer feel compelled to do 60 miles a week
i have been taking it easy (2-4 milers after biking)
and i love it
in fact - i'm getting a marathon itch
i've done a few halfs and really want to do a full
i'm eyeing philly for the fall
and plan to "do it the right way" by using a moderate mileage progression plan
anyway - been running lately in my bikilas and totally stoked about running again
on a regular basis
i'll look to be hanging here to
anyway - hello again - tanks


  • Welcome back! Glad to hear things are going well.
  • Hey man, you`re back!  :D
    I always wondered what happened to you, you were so enthusiastic, makes me reminisce my `early` VFF days...
    Can`t remember what size you wear, though  :-\  ;)

    Remember the `past glory of colors`thread? We were drooling over all those early not-available-anymore Classic colors. I was able to buy a lot of them, afterwards... perhaps annoying you with my personal story... check out my ridiculous collection in this blogpost. I know, me crazy, but not the only one around here, right?

    So what shoes are you into now? I see you wear the Vivo`s, you run with those? I like the looks of the Vivo`s but somehow I get very tired when I wear them, I think it has to do with the Kevlar material they use for the sole.
    Do you wear minimalist shoes when biking, or are you locked into the pedals with your bike shoes?


  • hey dirk - thanks for the welcome back
    i'm into collecting too - in fact - have a pretty decent size collection of vintage bikes - some of them 50 years old
    i dont clip in
    i ride old school on flat pedals
    with minimalist footwear
    for running - i have run in the vivo - several different
    but right now i prefer to run in the bikilas
    i dont wear regular footwear ever save the occasional wedding / funeral (feels weird when i do)

    btw - your collection of classics is sooooooooo [email protected]$$ - probably about half dozen that i would rank tied for first
    btw 2 - i'm a 46 ;)
  • thanks man, I appreciate the words of a connaisseur. I recently bought three more `Olympic` Classics - check them out if you haven`t, and there is one more old school color (`Earth`)  I got since that picture was taken. It seems the Classic is definitively on it`s way out (I got a glimpse of it`s successor already!), so it will probably stay at this, unless I can fetch a few older pairs on Ebay or so.
  • Welcome back! I need to get back into running more again. I feel like I love it so much but I have been waaaaay too lazy yet. I want to get re-conditioned because I haven't been keeping up lately...
    Reading through your post and seeing that you bike a lot, I got to thinking that I might want to start biking almost as a cross-training...

    I could bike more miles in a shorter amount of time and still build my endurance. It's not like I never considered it before but I guess I have never actually gotten into it so much.

    I love running so much and I would love to get back into it so this might be just the ticket!

    Thank you!
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