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Hi all

I've recently purchased a pair of black KSO's, I've only worn them a handful of times (currently wearing them for the third time as I type in fact).

I suppose I'm just after a little reassurance that the size I have brought is correct!  I'm in the UK and brought mine in from the US as it's proved impossible to find anyone that stocks anything under an M40 here, and I've got small feet!

Anyway.  I went with he M38, which is exactly as the Vibram measurement tool suggests.  All toes, with the exception of the fourth, are comfortable and appear to have the correct length.  The fourth toe however seems to be a little tight around the base.  It doesn't cause me any pain, but it's a little distracting and I'm definitely aware of it when out walking. 

I've done a bit of reading around on here, and that suggests things will loosen up a little over time, but I've not seen anyone else have an issue with this toe, it seems to normally be the big toe or small toe.

Any thoughts?

Oh, and I don't intend to go running in them, I've had operations on both shins, but I'm looking to embrace the more minimalist approach to try and strengthen the feet and lower limbs for my gym/weights work.



  • I forget where you start when counting toes, so I do not know if you are referring to the toe next to the big toe or the toe next to the pinky toe.  If it is the toe next to the big toe, do you have a Morton's toe by chance?  If it is the other toe, adjacent to the pinky toe, then I don't really know what to tell you other than that the Morton's toe mod will work on any toe where additional room is needed.  Use the search bar to find several posts on this issue.
  • 4th toe is next to the little toe.  Big toe is number 1.

    All the other toes are more or less perfect, the fourth toe isn't touching the end, but it feels like the fabric is too tight, or certainly tighter than the others.  It might be the toe on the five fingers starts lower than on my foot if that makes sense?  So causing the fabric to press again the foot between toes three and four... Its really difficult to put into words!
  • Okay, I get it now.  It could be a manufacturing defect with the shoes.  I got a pair of Sprints and had the same issue.  The fabric between the toes seemed as though it was cut further up the foot and dug into the area between my two toes.  I exchanged them for another pair in the exact same size and no problems what-so-ever.  If you are not outside of the return window, I'd try another pair.
  • Not so sure its easy to return them, unless I can send them direct to vibram?

    They weren't shipped directly to me for a start, I had them delivered to a friend and they were collected by someone else visiting the states.  Shipping back and forth to the states will get costly quick!

    The other issue is finding them in my size!  Its difficult to find anywhere that has them, in fact all of the places I found that did have my size have sold them and are now showing out of stock.

  • Hi. I've been using FF in regular bases the last two years (KSO) but recently, I'm experience exactly what you describe. I'm not sure if my toe (4) is longer or the FF is smaller (fabric shrinks?) thus, I'm not sure if I should replace it with a 41 (women size) again, or a 42, or a 40 (men size). Difference is not clear for me at the store (too restricted use in short time).  :(
  • I've choosen the time honoured method of ignoring it.

    To be honest I don't get any pain from it, I just notice that its tighter, so I've come to the conclusion it'll either stretch and loosen or one of the seams will eventually pop.  I can't realistically return them and get the next size up so its that or sell them.
  • If you can't return them, you might try washing them (or even soaking in cold water) and letting them air dry. My KSOs loosened a little bit when I did that.
  • It's difficult, I don't really need it to loosen, just that tiny little area and the base of my fourth toe.  Everything else fits more or less perfectly.  Its the same on both feet though, so its either the sizing of my toes vs the sizing and placement of the five fingers or the size was just wrong.

    They'll be due a wash before too long anyway, so if wearing them over the next few weeks doesn't give me the desired result, hopefully washing them might.
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