Sizing Classics


I just recieved a pair of Classics in size 42. They feel just a little loose in the heal-area. Specially compared to my Komodosports, that fits like a glov. They are size 41, but according to the sizing chart I was recommended a size 42 in classics. Do you think I should return them and get a pair of 41:s or do they actually fit a little more loosely?


  • Some people can size the same across the board in VFFs and most others require the additional size up for Classics and Sprints.  I size up for Classics, and I have a little bit of room in the heel, more noticeable on my left foot than my right.  I can actually get the left shoe on completely hands free.  If there is no slipping and your foot is not trying to leave the shoe when you walk, then I would say they are likely sized correctly. 
  • keep in mind that they are more open so will feel more loose compared to more closed top pairs.  if your toes fit and they dont slip off your feet than you are probably ok.
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