Bonnaroo == VFF-fest

Hey all - I sorta assumed there was already a thread about this but searching only showed one reference related to the Warrior Dash (which, apparently, takes place on the Bonnaroo farm).  Basically, I wanted to see if anyone else out there went to Bonnaroo this year (2012) or any previous years and wants to comment on the number of people wearing Five Fingers.  To say the least, there were a huge number of folks sporting them proudly, myself included (Grey/Blue Komodo Sport LS for most, black KSOs for a morning or two), significantly more than the last couple years.  I found them to be one of the most perfect shoes for such a festival, IMO.

I'm one of an increasingly rare group of people who have been to all 11 Bonnaroos, so I have a pretty good picture of when VFFs started showing up at the festival.  Though I got my first pair in January 2009 (well, 2 pairs, grey/orange classics and taupe Sprints), I didn't consider them for Bonnaroo 2009 for some reason...but if my Roo-ified memory serves me correctly, I didn't see anyone wearing VFFs that year.  No, I'm sure I didn't see everyone's shoes :), but they simply weren't very prevalent at all.  In 2010, I wore my brown KSOs but saw only a small handful (less than 5 people) of other VFFers.  Then, in 2011, things accelerated.  I stuck to my Sprints for most of it since the open design helped keep cool (unfortunately I've never gotten Classics to fit correctly) but there were more folks wearing them then I could count, with a heavy concentration of the ever-popular black KSOs.  The next most common models I saw were Sprints and Classics, then a few other miscellaneous styles, although the VFF style explosion had only just begun.  This past year, Bonnaroo 2012, it was even crazier, with probably one person in every ~30-40 wearing some style of VFF and a much smaller number (though surprisingly large, to me) of Skeletoes.

Folks here might appreciate this since anyone who wears VFFs regularly are well aware of the comments, questions, stares, gawks, etc., that accompany general VFF use.  At this festival, where individuality is encouraged as much as a strong sense community, the only comments I heard/got were about how awesome they were and how they looked like the "perfect shoe for a music festival."  Everyone there had seen them before or if they hadn't, they saw someone in a pair by the middle of the 1st day.  It was also cool to get a glimpse of what the world might be like if a much larger % of people wore some type of toe shoes proudly and openly.  Very cool, indeed, and it makes Bonnaroo feel even more like a "2nd home" that I only get to visit for one weekend each summer.

One parting comment and then I'd like to ask folks on the forum if they had a similar experience at Bonnaroo or would like to share any stories/experiences.  I mentioned that I wore KSOs/Sprints for a couple years and then switched to the Komodo Sport LS for this past year.  The reason was that while the ground feel of KSO/Sprint soles was dreamy for a weekend without pavement of any kind, a lot of the main roads in the festival and camp are gravel.  Having a little more to the sole helped make the walks on the gravel roads far more comfortable during the long, hot days of the southern summer.  My favorite model is still the KSO due to the aforementioned ground feel but Komodo Sports have the 2nd best, as far as I can tell.  That said, I haven't tried the SeeYa or women-only models for comparison.  On a semi-related note, I'm excited about the concept of the upcoming SeeYa LS for this very reason.

That's all - hope someone else out there got to experience it as well!  I would strongly recommend that Vibram set up a store there (or someone who sells them) next year :).  Enjoy, y'all.



  • That's pretty freaking awesome.  Sounds like my heaven.....   I just moved to Providence, RI and have seen a total of THREE people wearing them... its a sea of hipsters in TOMS up here.. Toms are such a joke..
  • Ahh, Toms...yeah, agreed.  Better than Crocs, at least.  That's a little surprising about Providence, though.  I think of that place as just the type to have lots of VFFs, but maybe folks still feel too "hip" for that.  Who knows...I only have a few friends who live there and they're ...hip.
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