Anyone tried fitting with overlapping toes?

I want to order a pair but I'm concerned about my overlapping toe. My right pinky sticks up and lays on top of the next toe. I know some would say that it would be good to separate the toes but seeing as I was born with it that way 23 years ago, I think it would be mighty uncomfortable. I wonder if the 4th toe pocket can accommodate 2 toes? or are the pockets flexible enough to allow my funny toe to stick up. Anyone else with this problem? Specific, I know.



  • My pinkies were in a similar situation; they never touched the ground and stayed on top of the other toe quite a bit... the Vibrams felt fine though, and they have moved off the other toe quite a bit.
  • It's probably best if you try a pair for yourself. I don't recall this type of question being asked of overlapping toes, so congrats for originality.  :)

    But to answer your other question, you can put both pinky and 4th toe in the 4th toe pocket without being uncomfortable. I sometimes do it without noticing a difference if my pinky toe is in its pocket or not.
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