Blisters on my big toes

Hi all...

I have been using a pair of KSO Vibram five fingers for a few months now.  I completed all the research and got them sized by a guy the the shop and everything.  I know that when you start using them your calves can feel tight, but that is getting easier and easier.  I love the feeling of running in them, especially on grass and through the woods etc... i really want to keep using them...

But i have a problem, i keep getting blisters where my big toe meets the ball of my foot.  The blister is on the ball of my foot as toe sprouts out of it.  When i first started running using them i literally landed on my toes, but as i have progressed i have started a mid-foot strike, landing on the ball of my foot and allowing my heel to drop, sometimes 'kissing' the floor (although it doesnt always). 

I read some message boards, and they said that i should try some ijinimi toe socks.  Well they arrived this morning, and it didnt work.  I just completed a 15 minute run, and once again i have painful blisters on each of my feet.  I just dont know what i am doing wrong...

Please, can anyone give me some advice????


  • I wonder if your problem is less with the landing and more with the take off.  Are you pushing off with your toes?  You should be lifting your feet straight up. 

    I am by no means a runner, but have heard a lot of people on these forums make mention of this.  Maybe someone else with a bit more real world running experience will chime in on this as well. 
  • I supopose this could be the case... Although how can i make sure that i am picking them straight up??? 
  • There are several things you can Google, CHI running, POSE method, etc. and learn about proper technique.  Basically you lift your foot rather than trying to push off to propel yourself. 
  • Hi Daverich

    I have almost the same problem (For me, it is at the bottom of my two big toes).

    I fix the problem with this toe cap.

    It works well but it is pricey and not durable ( good for about 20 to 30K ). To make it last longer, I cut the toe cap in a half longitudinally so I have two toe beds instead of only one toe cap. Now I one toe cap (two toe beds) can last much longer and my big toes also have more space for breathing and for "swallen".

    I'm still looking for a cheaper and more durable solution.  Once I finish using my stock of toe caps I'm going to test heel liner gel to see if this is more durable.

    My fantasy, however, still the same. In my wet dream, I can run very happily with my vff without any "protection" for my two big toes. But for now, this still a dream.

    Anyway hope it helps
  • do the shoes fit tight enough?? i know my first pair were KSOs and i got a size too big because i didnt know any better (also i couldnt find my size anywhere) and i was getting blisters like crazy!
  • does your foot slide around in the fivefinger? if it is, then youre probably getting hot spots. to reduce this, get a better fitting pair of five fingers, try thin toe socks or use mole skin to cover your blister.
  • The shoes fit is fine.  My bikilas are little snugger than my KSO, but I still have hotspots at the bottom of my big toes. I think my hotspot problem is more related to the way I run. I also have a pair of merrell road glove and a pair of saucony hattori and I don't have any hotspots with theses shoes.
  • Hi again.

    first off, thanks for your inputs.  I dont think it is a fitment issue... The guy in the shop said they fitted correctly, and they are snug on my feet.  Saying that, the i am getting hotspots like you described.  I have tried using toe socks, the one on the vibram website to be honest, but the same thing happened. 

    I suppose ideally i need to see an expert.  However, everywhere that sells them near me are just shoe shops... Maybe a video gait analysis would help?  All i know is that it is depressing... i love the feel of running in them, until these blisters develop.

    Thanks for your help guys... Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • If it's not a gait issue, and the shoe is fitted okay, I was just wondering about the length of the KSO toe pockets versus your toes versus the length of your foot. As we know everyone's toes are different lengths - and some people have more toe and less foot, some the other way round. I've got quite short toes compared to some, and a long low-slung wide foot. My brother by contrast has a narrower, but long foot and some of his toes are really long, almost like fingers...

    Would toe lengths and where the ball of the foot rests in the KSO make a big difference here? Just a thought.

    For what it's worth I didn't get on with running in my KSOs, but found Speeds better. Have you tried any other type of Fivefingers? Might even be that another type could work better for you as they are all different inside.
  • Have you tried to run without shoes (VFFs), just to see if the problem is shoe or form/gait related?

    If not, it won't cost you much, to try :-D

    Simply wait until your soles are OK, and follow your typical VFF running route...

  • on 1347014507:

    Have you tried to run without shoes (VFFs), just to see if the problem is shoe or form/gait related?

    If not, it won't cost you much, to try :-D

    Simply wait until your soles are OK, and follow your typical VFF running route...

    Good idea this. :)
  • I havent tried any others, just the KSO's, mainly due to the price... they are quite expensive to be buying a different type every week. lol. That is a good idea though, I will try running without the shoes. However, you will have to wait 2 months for an answer as to whether it worked... I am in Afghanistan.  I will do it once im home :)

    Thanks for your help
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