VFF insole pattern ?

I'm planning to make myself VFF insoles with 3M thinsulate insoles or something equivalent and I need a pattern for this. I tried to use the insoles in my komodosport as pattern, but they are pretty well glued.

All I need is the shape of the VFF pattern. The size doesn't matter to me, because I can use zoom in/out to print the exact size. I think a good, clear and contrasted picture of the top view of the VFF insole can do the job.

Anyway thanks.


  • pb130343.jpg

    These are the insoles of M43 sample Speeds.
    Hope this will do the trick for you, cause it`s a real nasty job getting them back into the shoes.
  • Wow Thanks Dirk  :) Great pictures !! it is all what I need ! thanks again!  I'll let you all know the result.
  • Update: Just finish the VFF insole pattern  :) .

    I save you all the trial and error I did, here the steps for making the VFF insole pattern

    1: chose and cut one of the insole from Dirk's pictures with any image software (thanks again Dirk  :) )

    2: Enhanced the contrast and zoom it until the insole had the same size of your VFF (just stick your shoe on the flat screen for comparison). Make sure they (shoe and image ) have the same forefoot width. It doesn't matter if the insole image is longer then your shoe.  

    3: Stick a printer paper on the flat screen and keep the room dark. I have to rotate the image in order to fit the insole image into the paper.

    4: Draw the insole with a soft ball pen or a fine point marker.

    5: Glue the drawing to a thin and flexible cardboard. I had the best result with a cereal box (very flexible and very thin)

    6: Cut the insole from the cardboard and insert this into a VFF. For myself, I found that there is much easier to use my Sprint for the first insertion and ajustement of the insole pattern compared to other VFFs (I think a classics could be even better). The toes and the midfoot were perfect. But I had to trim the heel because it was a quater inch too long for my sprint.

    7: wear the shoe with the insole pattern and walk several minutes. Trim the insole pattern if some places were still too large or too long. The insole pattern fit perfectly into my Bikila, Seeya and KSO.

    The insole pattern is pretty wide. I bought a pair of cheap insole from a drug store and they were too narrow for it. I'm going to bring the vff insole pattern with me, tomorrow,  to sport stores to make sure the insoles I'm going to buy will be wide enough.

    I attached the pattern image if someone need it. You don't need to download the image. Just keep pressing Ctrl  and turn up or down the mouse weel to ajust the size of the insole pattern.
  • the insole is a bit too long for my Speeds as well at the heel. my Speeds-with-insole are samples, Vibram was thinking of making them as such before they decided to glue them onto the footbed, I seem to recall. That was the reason why at the time the Speed release was postponed with 1-2 months.
  • Bought a pair of cheap tana fleece/aluminum insoles. Last night, I ran and walk with my KSO at -5 celsius without problem. The insoles are however little thick and this makes the KSO pretty tight.

    I didn't find thinsulate or toasty feet insoles from any of my local sport store. So I need to order online. 
  • Maybe try the foam they sell to line toolbox drawers. BTW, interesting idea and implementation. I mod insoles on regular hiking shoes all the time, now starting to look at my VFF's with a different eye.
  • I'm waiting a pair of komodosports ls. These shoes are one size bigger compare to my other vff. hope the toe boxes have enough room for accommodating an insulated insole and my five toes.
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