Padding in the heel

This concerns a pair of Sorrentos, but theoretically the question isn't Sorrento-specific; any insights you can offer are welcome.

I have a pair of 42 Sorrentos.  They don't quite fit, just as most of my VFFs lately haven't quite fit.  I have a high instep and a narrow heel, which generally gives me two options; I can buy a pair of 41s in a style, and hope the upper stretches out, or I can buy a pair of 42s and deal with a loose heel cup.  With these Sorrentos, I went with the latter.

However, in theory, I like these Sorrentos well enough to put in a little effort to make them fit better.  When I was a kid, we would always put cotton padding in the heels of my shoes to make them fit a little better.  You can buy this sort of padding almost anywhere that sells shoes; roughly the consistency of a cotton ball as I recall.

I'd like to do something similar with these Sorrentos, but it's not quite so cut and dry.  With a regular pair of sneakers, it doesn't really matter what material you use for padding.  But for a pair of VFFs which will (ideally) be washed regularly, I need something that is either (a) machine washable, or (b) disposable, and removable to a point where it doesn't damage the shoes.  The cotton padding I remember from my childhood fit neither of these categories; it was super stringy and cheap cotton, and it came with a sticky backing that was sure to take part of the shoe with it if removed.

Does anybody have any ideas here?  Surely this sort of issue has been tackled here before.


  • Have you try this ?

    My seeyas, like other seeyas, have the notorious heel slippage feeling problem. With this heel pad, the problem is gone. Now the heel is much snugger and "structural". I don't know if this heel pad will withstand a wash machine though. I hand wash all my VFFs and let them dry by air. I don't know either how long these pads are going to last because I just run few times with my Seeyas. The pad is made of leather, so I guess it should be durable. But for the price, I don't really care. Only thing you have to becareful is don't remove the plastic film and stick the heel pad to your VFF before you find the best location. For this, you just wear your VFF, insert the heel pad and move it up and down several times until you find right spot.

    Hope this helps.
  • Hmm... my only question would be, how does the adhesive hold up in the wash?  I'm a little bit skeptical, but I'm having a hard time envisioning a product I wouldn't be skeptical toward.
  • I haven't tried this with any VFF, but I have made adjustments to hiking shoes with self-adhesive Moleskin and Molefoam, sold by Dr. Scholls brand in the US. The adhesive does not remove easily if it has been applied for a long time, but often I just put another piece of molefoam over the original spot when it wears down. Good way to add a support under metatarsal or arch if needed. Since they are dress shoes, I'd try a piece without removing the backing first, to get the shape and positioning correct.
  • I, too, was going to suggest moleskin.  Also, keep in mind that it comes in varying thicknesses, shapes, and sizes.  If you come across some that seems too thick, keep looking.  It's more difficult to change that, than to just trim them to size.
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