Not exactly new...but

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So I'm not exactly new, but I changed my profile and username so I thought I'd just start all over.

Hi, my name's Jesse and I'm a loyal VFFer currently living abroad in Jerusalem, Israel. I'm fairly confident that I'm actually the ONLY VFFer here, judging by some of the reactions I get on the street!

I'm primarily a walker/hiker, but I hope to be able to take up barefoot running in the months to come as I rehab some old injuries and strengthen my back. I'm also using my time here to continue loosing weight with a goal of being able to run comfortably again...longer story there than I have time for right now.

For work, I'm currently an intern SEO account manager with a great little start up, working on international sites for some great companies!



  • welcome back!  ;D
  • Welcome Jesse. Who was your alter ego?? I think I remembered you from before...

    You could also change your username without getting a new account. Ask iain about that ;)
  • Welcome....back. I too would be interested to know your previous handle if you don't plan on reviving it.
  • So was your old handle SlowingDown?

    Also, you're not the only vffer in Israel or Jerusalem for that matter. danarmak (Daniel Aramak) has some classics and is in Jerusalem (as of July 2009).
  • Welcome back!  :)
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