My first 2013 run

Ha Ha Ha, did my first 2013 run after the new year celebration. I did 7K and the road was snowy. I was little tipsy, but RUI (Running Under Influence) is still tolerated in my city,as long as I don't do something stupid  ;D

Anyway happy new year 2013 to you all !


  • Happy 2013 :)

    Wow, running while tipsy from New Year's ?! You have my respect. And seven K at that, plus the alcohol...  how did you survive? did you bring lots of water?! And did you leave curvy tracks on the road  ;D?
  • Superturtle, I think you are in Montreal right? We must have almost ran into each other last night, I was running from 8:30PM to 9:22PM last night. -13C but with the right clothes and good music it was fantastic. No alcohol though, I don't drink, ever. I was in my VB Evo's which were great on the packed snow in Parc Lafontaine.
  • hahahaha! I'm not the only nutcase then! first thing I did on Jan 1st was to drink 1/2L of chocolate milk, put on a pair of shorts and my bikilas, a leash on my dog and head out for an 8k run, more than half of it steep uphill! always nice to watch the mountains and the sea from the top of the hills =D. I wasn't tipsy though, LOL! but WAS dead from dancing 4h straight earlier in the morning!

    happy 2013!!!  ;D
  • We were talking about New Year resolution and also about first thing we were going to do for the first day of the new year. So for me, running was my first thing to do for the new year. I started my first 2013 run exactly at 12:15 AM 1/1/2013 and it took me 41 min for the 7K. I was 10min slower than if I was sober and running in snowless streets . After the run, I went back to drink beers and teasing my friends about their resolution commitment ;D.  I also did another 5K "routine and very easy" run in the evening, but this time, without alcohol in my blood  ;D.

    HorseRider, I'm a longueuilois but I'm a former montrealer  ;).I always say I'm from Montreal because for most people not from Canada, they know better where is Montreal than Longueuil. I did all my runs, yesterday, with my green Merrell Sonic Glove (I also have VB evo ii for winter) because streets still look like trail roads with all this snow.

    Elle, I don't know if I left curvy tracks, but I brought I my Id's with me in case I get arrested by cops for "suspecious behaviours"  ;D.

    Belbe, new year celebration is actually a good fitness training  :)
  • Yesterday, I ran another 10K and the temp was -20C. Fortunately, it wasn't too windy. The sweat trapped between my running jacket and the second layer turned to ice  :D. If I find a Yeti's dark vader mask on sale, I will grap one, even someone in my neighborhood could possibly call the police if I ran with this.
  • FYI it's Darth Vader... Those masks are quite practical for cold but they make me feel claustrophobic. I prefer a collar pulled up over my mouth.
  • Lol.Thx HorseRider for the correction. I don't know why but I always thought it was "Dark" since I was a kid  ???. Maybe because he is always dark. My apologies to Star War fans.

    I just order this yesterday.

    The reviews are overall pretty good and I think I can breath easily with this.
  • on 1357341803:

    Lol.Thx HorseRider for the correction. I don't know why but I always thought it was "Dark" since I was a kid  ???. Maybe because he is always dark. My apologies to Star War fans.

    Mel Brooks's Spaceballs had the character as Lord Dark Helmet.
  • Spaceballs is one of my all-time favourites!

    I use one of these for extreme cold weather runs. It's my secret weapon against the cold. It works really well, and even runs at -30 don't leave my lungs burning even a little bit. I have crappy lungs in the cold weather due to bronchitis I had as a teen. Cold weather runs still give me the coughs. Not with this. There are lighter duty versions as well. Rockpup, a member here pointed these out to me. Awesome!
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