dyeing kso trek

I am pondering buying a pr of KSO treks at a local retailer, but theyre black and red.  Has anyone ever dyed some of the fabric to see how it does?



  • Hey Bro!  I've used the black rub-a-dub sharpie with good results.  Also, fabric markers work depending on the colors. 
  • I thought that the KSO Treks only came in black and in brown... 
  • on 1362282046:

    I thought that the KSO Treks only came in black and in brown... 

    They'll be TrekSports.
  • I'm not sure it's possible to "dye" VFFs that have the fabric uppers as these will be man-made fibre; leather or suede would be OK with shoe dyes. I just bought a pair of black TrekSports with the intention of changing the colour and from my research it seems the best way is to use an opaque fabric paint as this will cover black. Problem then is that normally one would have to heat cure the paint to make it permanent and this isn't possible, so I've had to also buy additive to turn it air-curable. I'll be using Jacquard Lumiere colours (as they are really pretty and vibrant!), which are acrylic paints, with Jacquard Airfix to cure it. If I can I'll post pics when I've done it.
  • Hi all
    I love the leather Treks for work but the black ones lose their color long before they wear out. I basically ruined my first pair with shoe dye that didn't work as well as I hoped it would.
    I was in Pep Boys looking for a certain paint and stumbled upon Dupli Color Vinyl and Fabric coating. It said it was for seats so I figured it was durable. The can didn't mention leather but i tried it anyway. It went on nice and still looks good after a few wearings. I think it would work on the mesh fabric if you stuff the shoe with paper towels and remove them before the stuff dries.

    The huge drawback is the smell. Very strong needing days of airing out.
  • Update. The Dupli-Color is holding up very well. I'm going to search for brown next.
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