Adidas go extreme

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Certainly not minimalist - and £295 a pair too  :o :o,en_GB,pd.html?Colour=Black%20%2f%20Titanium

look even worse than those horrible Nikes with the visible 'shock absorbers'


  • Yikes, those are awful. The heel lift is huge on those, and I bet they aren't very breathable. I bet with some PhotoShop you could throw a high heel or stiletto heel on the back of those.
  • They look zero drop to me.
  • on 1362844315:

    They look zero drop to me.

    I'd suggest you make an appointment with your optician.  ;D
  • It is porsche design  :o.  A spoiler will deploy at the rear of the shoe, like porsches 911, if you run fast enough.
  • Are you kidding me... $440 for a pair of crappy Adidas shoes?

    Wow.Talk about a sucker born every minute.
  • Extremely over priced!

    Extremely gimmicky!

    Extreme likelihood of injury!

    These are just awful.
  • These just reminded me why I'm into minimalist footwear!
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