Best socks with Soft Star RunAmocs Dash?

Just wondering what the best minimal pair of socks would be with my Soft Star RunAmocs.

(I'd rather not wear toe socks,as they're a little hard to put on.)


  • They are not that hard to put on...once you wear them for awhile the toe pockets open up better making it easier.  You could try smartwool running socks..but never really heard of minimalist socks.
  • I actually meant thin socks,just couldn't think of the right word at that moment. 
  • I've got a pair of icebreaker running socks which are really nice. If its really cold I will wear medium weight hiking socks inside my dashes. The shoes are snug against the top of my foot so I find that if a sock has a rough seam above my toes it will chafe pretty bad. So far I've had luck with my icebreaker running socks and a lightweight pair of north face hiking socks too. I'm sure any running specific sock will work, from smartwool, wigwam or icebreaker.
  • Do you want socks for warmth, appearance, or other reasons?  Personally I really like the feel of the leather and would go sockless, but if you need to wear socks I recommend Darn Tough.  Their lifestyle line is quite thin and last a lot longer than Smartwool socks.
  • Minimal socks are usually liners, of you don't like toe socks, Toesox (the company) makes toeless socks
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