What games do you play?

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Soooo what games do you play and on what system?

I've been a sims junkie since they came out I dont even care if that's lame. (Owns sims 3 and all expansion packs)

My boyfriend just got me into playing WoW. I call it sims with purpose :) killing stuff off is always fun too. If you play and wanna be buddies on there LMK!!!!


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    Call of war and Conflict of Nations (browser), basically the same game but different eras, I also like Kogama (browser or client), a game similar to Roblox, and War Thunder (client), a WW2 game with planes, tanks and ships, I like to blow stuff up.
  • I rarely get the time to play games anymore. PC games are damn addicting so I quit for a while. On the smartphone - PoGo and Monument Valley
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