Shoe Goo

The 'raised' pads on my Bikila soles are wearing down a bit and I was thinking of using Shoe Goo to build them up a bit.
Any thoughts, experiences or suggestions ?

Thanks in advance


  • Hi Paulr,

    I assume the "raised pads" means the outsole of the Bikila. If this is the case, I can tell you that I've used Shoe Goo to "rebuild" the outsole of my racing flats a long time ago. It was not very durable because I had to reapply the Shoe Goo every 20 to 30K of run on pavement (the shoe goo lasted longer on dirt road though).

    I suggest you to apply several thin layers (3 to 5) instead of a thick one. You can also mixt a little amount of sands with the last layer to give the shoe goo little more abrasion resistant. I don't do this anymore because it was too much time consuming and also I have too many shoes now.

    Hope it helps.
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