VVF EL-X toe repair

Hello all.

I purchased a pair of http://www.vibramfivefingers.it/product_details.aspx?model=EL-X last May and I have worn them quite a lot and through a lot of different situations. The last one before the damage was a 13 km trek through mountain trails. The damage was under the big and pinky toes and on both shoes.

The big toe:


The pinky:


The image quality is not the best but you can see that it's the rubber sole separated from the inner cloth.

I would like to repair this so I can continue using them since the rest of them is in very good condition. The thing is that I don't know what could be the best method to go about repairing them. I did some research and saw some people using shoe glue and on this forum someone used Aquaseal. What would be the best way? Would it be possible to sew it together?

Thank you for your time.


  • Superglue? Worked really well on a pair of early model LEMs, they changed glue for a little while and the new stuff didn't work so well, but the superglue is going strong for the past couple months.
  • Superglue might be OK, but if you're not careful it could form a hard lump that would rub your toe.
  • It might be helpful to use superglue to tack the two pieces together to keep them lined up, use it sparingly, then use Freesole or Aquaseal UV to finish it off and add a wear coating so that the seam is protected from catching on something again.

    I use fruit and veg bags to stuff the toes so that the shape works out, they will probably stick to superglue. Another way is cardboard like used in energy bar boxes to make toe shapers that don't touch the glue area, but more work.

    The sewing looks fantastic, but I don't have that skill, maybe PM that poster for instructions.
  • Goop and a clamp has worked well for me
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