what is the best kind of vibram VFF for me ?

i am SEVERELY flat footed.
i just recently bought an adidas stabilizer but after doing several rope jumps on it my arches hurt like hell so i read about how to cure it on the internet and decided that i would like to strengthen and correct my feet by slowly using barefoot shoes (vibrams).
I exercise regularly, i walk/run on paved roads, i plan on doing triathlons
i swim, i sometimes do yoga, i try to learn martial arts and sometimes go to the gym
so what would be the best kind of VFF for me ?
i was thinking about the bikilas sprints or komodosports ..
sadly as of now i only have the budget for one.
i already tried asking this in yahoo answers but yeah i got no answers
so i asked this here cause i really need to continue my training ASAP
thanks ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???


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