My Bikila toes fell off

I've been loving my VFF Bikilas for general running/trails/numerous Spartan Races and most recently playing indoor volleyball. The problem is I've now torn my toes completely off. Both my big toes to be specific. I believe it's from the intense lateral movement while on my toes that is tearing right through the thin soles. I haven't had this happen to any of my VFFs until I started playing indoor volleyball in these.

I tried supergluing the toes back on without much hope and they held for all of one additional volleyball session.

Anyone else experience this sort of sole tearing on their big toes?

Now I'm looking for an alternative barefoot-style shoe perhaps with a conventional toebox that will hold up better to the rigors of the lateral stress that indoor volleyball provides.



  • You answered your own question, but I'd add that some VFF do have segmented soles. Maybe look at the ones that are contiguous, like the Spyridon. I think even the EL-X (?) might work well for volleyball if your feet are tough. If I was going to play volleyball, I'd go with a non-toed shoe, only because I used to end up in some awkward positions and could have twisted a toe out of position a few times. For something like that, I'd rather have them all gathered up in one niche.
  • try the FYF toe socks, they are supposedly stronger than steel and separate your toes, and are meant to be shoes. But I wouldn't wear them out, you know that no shirt no shoes no service rule? I doubt they will be convinced they are shoes.
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