VFF for inddor use - slight knee pain

Hi there,
I was just wondering whether you guys are using your VFFs for indoorsports as well. I've got the Flow/Trek Model and I thought, the more often I'd wear them, the better for my feet. So I've been using those a few times for indoor tennis (on a hard gym floor) and I don't know whether this is really related to the VFFs, but since a few days, I've been feeling pain in my knees (first the right one, now the left one) and now I'm wondering whether this might have been caused by wearing the VFF indoors.
I should add, that I haven't worn them that much yet and mostlyindoors, because I simply didn't have the time yet to try them out. Now I'm wondering whether I simply might have overdone it a bit and simply should start out a little slower and in an outdoor environment to get my feet "adjusted" to the VFFs or whether it's genereally a bad idea to wear VFF for an indoor sport like tennis that really does put quite a strain on the knees/legs.

Anyone got any expericences to share or advises for me?


  • We've decided on the forum that VFFs for sports that require quick lateral movement e.g. tennis, basketball, etc. weren't a good and not recomended. The vffs don't lockdown enough to not cause sliding within your shoe, although the sprint might be the best for those types of activity.

    Personally with all the starts and stops in tennis, I wouldn't use my vffs.

    I don't know if that's why you have knee pain, but it could be from playing tennis in general, which is hard on the knees.
  • I have been using KMD Sport which were designed for lateral movement.
    I was impressed that I no longer have knee pain while playing tennis. I play at the 3.5 social level, once a week, indoor, during winter. This is anecdotal as most of my knee issues are likely form telemark skiing, however, not to experience any knee pain, where previously I would have, in normal shoes while playing tennis is impressive.
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