Have VFF and bunions - Big toe tries to escape - Different model perhaps?

I have a pair of VFF and I also have flat feet + bunions.  I have read several places that VFF can help alleviate pain with bunions and flat feet and decided to try a pair.  They were comfortable in the store so I bought them.  After walking in them for a bit, I realized my big toe is trying to "escape" the toe box and protrudes out through the mesh.  The issue is, my big toe now rests on the edge of the tread and it irritates the bottom of my big toe by stepping on that edge all day.  Do I need a different model perhaps?  Is there any sort of mod that I could do to try and keep my big toe in the box?

Here's an image of my foot in the VFFs:



  • The bunion is on the "outside" of your foot?
  • Correct. I have included a labeled picture for clarity.  The green line is the center axis of my big toe, and you can see that it is laterally angled inward like most bunion suffers.

  • It looks like you'd be better off wearing non- vibram minimalist shoes (soft star shoes, lems, etc even classic crocs) and wear toe separators like correct toes inside the shoe.  I haven't tried correct toes myself but they may be helpful.
  • This happened to me at first. My toes got more flexible and it's probably a combo of my toe got used to the irritation and my toe started to migrate to the proper position. I have lems and correct toes also but I prefer the vibrams. Classics are my favorite then kso then alitza or entrada. The first two hold my toes further apart. If your shoes aren't broken in yet that makes a huge difference too.
  • just take your time , your feet will need to adjust to the new shoes ,
  • I have a few foot issues (bunions, hammertoe, pronation, and neuroma) and it is elusive a shoe that I can stroll in throughout the day. All things considered, at long last I did! I have Orthofeet's dark and red combine and they look and feel spectacular and have extraordinary curve bolster. Will look in to obtaining another combine.
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