Freesole Tube Preservation

I just opened a new tube of Freesole, and even after being tightly wrapped with the cap glued on it dried up at that end. To get the liquid remainder out for another repair yesterday, I poked a hole in the tube at the crimp end. Then rewrapped and froze the tube.

This morning, once it thawed, Freesole came out of the pinhole without prompting, making it easy to do another repair. No clogging an drying up. From now on I'm not going to open the cap at all with a fresh tube, just poke a hole.


  • The trick with these polyurethane glues is to seal out air. Use some Vaseline or similar on the screw thread where the cap fits, before you seal it in a ziplock bag and put it in the freezer.
  • Yep, in another thread I suggested using the goop itself to seal, by pushing the cap over some before closing. But even with that, it set up at the cap end. The pinhole at the other end continues to dispense once the tube is taken out of the freezer and put in some warm water for a few seconds.

    New tube is on the way, and this one will never have its cap removed.
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