Preventing snags and rips on mesh/fabric uppers.

I have begun doing at of hiking on very aggressive terrain.  Averaging 50 - 75 miles a week in my treksport. One reason I abandoned the kso was because of how quickly the soles wore out hiking,  sprinting,  running and walking.  The trek do not have this problem really and a pair even with all this abuse will last a good year.  My big issue is the fabric uppers.  They tend to snag and rip a lot.

Has anyone found a way to seal these or remedy this?

I am also considering purchasing a pair of leather treks that I've found online.  Does the leather help with snagging and ripping?  Cause if it does I'll order a few pairs.

Concerning the leather vs fabric treks.  I have noticed the kso treksport dry very quick walking through snow and mud and if I am wearing socks my feet stay very warm and dry quickly.

Do leather treks do this too?

Thanks guys.

Btw I am an old poster Barefoot Yeti who lost his account t info.


  • The leather ones are getting rare. I hike in desert country and I combat tears, rips, and general shredding with Freesole and UV Cure Aquaseal. You can see that Vibram does the same thing by putting bits of plastic coating on certain spots. Unfortunately, backcountry folks find other spots. In heavy brush the whole shoe gets attention from the shrubbery.

    The Spyridon hikes and should run well and has better feel and rock grip and edging than the TS, but the soles don't stand up to the abrasive rock here, though not even backhoe tires do. I have to coat between the toes to prevent grit from shredding that fabric, and then renew it a few times a year. The leather TS have fabric between the toes. They take longer to dry out. The older spyridon is mostly coated and slips through stuff well, but horns still go right in.

    I don't think Vibram has any test hikers out here yet. Maybe they should start sending me pairs to test. Ahem...
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