No more Bikilas, now what?

I have the SeeYas which don't fit...they apparently run small but I didn't know this.  I tried the Spirydon but didn't like how they felt.  The Bikilas fit like a glove.  I will run up to a half marathon distance in them and do mostly street running.  Also will run my first winter with cold in them....moved north from south Texas...not sure if that should weigh in what I buy.  Leary on the EVOs because the fit sounds so different than the original Bikilas.  Bummed they messed with a great thing!


  • Hi there.

    How about trying the KSO EVO?

    If that feels too thin, you can go with the KMD Sport LS if Vibram 5fingers are your thing. Even though word is a KMD EVO model is coming out next year.....

    Try checking out the birthdayshoes website for reviews, and getting down to stores for a fitting, if possible.

    Have fun!
  • If you liked the regular Bikila, the regular KomodoSport would probably be a good choice as a replacement.  You may be okay in them for winter wear, with injinjis, as long as you are running in areas where you can keep your feet dry.  Otherwise you may find that you need two pair, one for everyday runs in warm weather and one winter specific model that you can waterproof. 
  • Theres still a few Bikilas kicking about to buy for the future. I personally don't like the direction Vibram are going so I'm in the process of sourcing Bikila LS's wherever I can. Travel Country have a few of the older models on sale and the Vibram website has Bikila LS for $60 at the mo
  • I had the Bikilas and loved them to death, and when they started to give up after many many miles I had to look for something else.  I had KMD sport at the same time and used them lots but never loved them the way I loved the Bikilas.

    I did go out and get a pair of EVOs and was a little skeptical at first but now love them, they are probably my favourite cold weather pair.  That being said I think they will be colder than the original.  As some background I have gone out for a run in -40C with the bikilas and a pair of ininji so if you are like me norther Texas should be fine.  Also it is getting colder up here and I have been out walking with them in the 0 degree Celsius range and as long as my feet stay dry for walking I am fine.

    I still use the second pair of bikilas that I had found as running shoes and they are warmer but for everyday use I think I actually prefer the EVOs.

    Hope that helps.
  • Actually I moved north FROM Texas...I'm in Kansas now so winters get way colder than what I've been used to.  My mom suggested spraying waterproof stuff on them....if I can keep dry I think I will be ok but I do worry about the traction.  They are quite slick on a wet road so I worry a bit about the actual slickness if there is snow or ice. 
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