Speed XC tread repair? (Or new waterproof 2014 FiveFingers model?)

My wonderful FiveFingers Speed XCs are wearing down..(I've had them since Oct.2012).

Are there any waterproof 2014 model FiveFingers(other than the Speed XC)?


  • Bikila EVO WP is billed as a waterproof model.

    The Trek Ascent LR has a combination Kangaroo leather and hemp upper that may be able to have a waterproofing agent applied to it.
  • Thanks.Any idea when the Bikila Evo WP is being released?
  • I saw it in the Spring 2015 Catalog.  Usually the products release a few months prior.  If Vibram were smart, they'd get that one out in time for winter for sure.  I'll ask the person I got the calendar from and see if they have any information.
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