Youth size

The youth size is confusing me.

Is the youth size the same sizing as women’s or men's sizes? Length/width.
Is there a difference between Youth Boys' and Youth Girls'?
Would the KSO EVO Youth be sized according to Youth Boys'?
So, what I want to know is the 36 Youth KSO EVO same size as the 36 women's KSO EVO.


On REI, there is some confusion as to which models are kids or youth/boy's/girl's, when you click on the size chart, for example, Y4-Y4.5 is mapped to 36 Youth Boys', 35 Youth Girls' and 35 Kid's size. Vibram's Spring/Summer 2014 brochure has a different size range on the KSO EVO Youth for boys/girls, Girls’ Sizes 33-37, Boys’ Sizes 33-42, implying there is a separate line for boys/girls, but the colours seems to be gender neutral.

Since Nov 2014 started to carry the youth models and the size chart is the same as the kids.
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