Need help with sizing - Spyridon MR - 40 too small, 41 too big

I have ordered two pairs of Spyridon MR, on pair in 40 and one in 41.  (my feet are 25,5 cm / 10 inches)

The 41s seems a bit too big. When I push the foot to front, I can fit my index finger behind the heel. And when I curl my toes, my two smallest toes tend to slip out of their pocket. (not with a finger behind the heel of course)

The 40s are more or less a perfect fit. Just a tiiiny bit to small, but nothing more than I can expect to be adjust when broken in(?)
BUT, in bottomn front of the toes is a seam, which my big toe and second toe touches, especially when walking up stairs or running (as far as running goes inside).
Can I expect to push the seam flat/push it further in front? Or will the toe pocket expand in lenght after the shoes are broken in?

I have an old pair of KSO bought on ebay, so they're probably conterfeit. So even if I was still able to read the size number inside the shoes (think it's 40, but can't rememeber for sure), it might not be relevant. But these shoes fits like a glove, so I know how it should feel like. Neither of the spyridon comes close, but of course.. my KSO are well broken in and I can't remember how they felt like when I fist got them.

I read online that the lacing is supposed to be better than the velcro, and that the velcro is on its way out of the VFF product line. As of now, I really like the option to tighten around the heal with the velcro, but perhaps I'll change my mind after braking in a pair with laces.... ?

What to do?

Could it be an option to try the original velcro spyridon instead, or are they exactly the same size and/or would I run into the seam problem there as well?


  • A new Spyridon MR is a stiff shoe anyway. I expect it will wear down, but do try them with socks. I'd not recommend walking or running on difficult terrain without socks.
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