Looking for size 38 Komodo Sport LS! Also, sizing advice please??

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I was gifted a pair of Vibram Five Finger Women’s KMD Sport LS in Grey/Black/Pink in size 36.

I'm not sure that they fit me correctly. I have a pair of leather flats sized at a 5, a size "5/6" sport sandals that are labeled as a "eur 37", and a pair of Dutch sneakers that are labeled size 6.5 and "eur 37.5"... They all fit me comfortably with or without socks, but in comparison to one another, they all vary in size. I am normally a size 3 in children's because their sizes run wide, so a size 5 W in women's would fit perfectly. That's why I was given the smallest KMD Sport LS available.

All of the "sleeves" of my VFF comfortably fit, but I haven't ran in a few years. I'm super skinny and have an overactive thyroid, so I'm not worried about gaining weight. However, I'm guessing that I may need more room because people claim that their feet swell up in the summer/when they regularly make running a routine of theirs.

I'm going on a 6 week trip to Europe this Spring, so I would like to have the right size in advance!

Is it okay to wear a size 36 because it matches my open toe shoes, or should I buy a pair in size 38 because of the length matching my sneakers?


  • Make sure your heel is snugly in the back of the VFF shoes. Stand up. Feel where the end of your toes are. They should be very close to the end of the toe pockets or very lightly touching the ends. If there's more than ¼ of an inch you might need a size smaller, or to wear socks. If it's very uncomfortable and you feel cramped, you probably need the next larger size.

    The KMD Sport does fit snugly initially, but will loosen up a little in use.
  • Hi,

    As far as I am concerned, my feet are never less swolen than when I run regularly. It helps blood circulation.
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