Soft Star Shoes Ballerine Review

I wasn't really anticipating SSS's new option for women's shoes- the ballerine.  But I finally ordered a pair and I'm so glad I did!  These definitely exceeded my expectations.  They fit well, are comfortable, and look great.  Out of all the dressy minimalist shoe options available to women, these look the best and most inconspicuous in my opinion.  These look a lot more polished that soft star shoes' merry janes, and although I never tried the merry jane metros those never seemed like an improvement to me. Anyway these really do look like totally normal women's shoes that could work for the office, formal wear, etc.  Of course it's a plus that with SSS's DYO option you can get them in whatever color you want. 

I got them with the elastic "sports closure".  I like it because then even if the shoe is a half size too big the shoe is still very secure, and there's no annoying around the arch of the foot which tends to happen with ballet flats.  I don't think it detracts from the look of the shoe, but perhaps it would look more formal without it.  For sizing, soft star shoes' "adult sizing guide" (it's a piece of paper you print out and step on) is right on the money for me.  (I'm W40 in most vibrams, I fit into and have shoes sized both 7 and 8 in soft star shoes, I got 8 for the ballerine) I got them in both the regular and wide widths and I can't decide which one is better.  I do have enough room in the regular width one and I believe it looks better but the wide width one does feel a bit roomier and I've been told that it still looks great.  Since I got them in different colors, I will keep both and figure out later if I prefer the wide in the ballerine. 

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