Toe and foot alignment

This is a curious one. According to this person, we all actually walk with our feet pointed slightly outwards, or point with the big toe, because we all assume that the big toe points forwards, where infact the forwards-pointing line is the outside edge of our feet, not the inside.

If I could talk to all of the yoga teachers out there about biomechanics (and someday, maybe I will!) I would say that the much more accurate and objective straight-foot marker is the outside of the foot, NOT the second toe. Toes are not attached to the foot in a fixed way, where they could be used to determine foot position.

I wonder if this is partly perhaps why my smaller toes are still a bit crabbed, because I walk with my foot pointing slightly out, which twists them. Perhaps true of every single person who has worn regular shoes, are regular shoes responsible for this?

Of course only if this website makes biomechanical sense, that is! What do others think?  :-\


  • Interesting... I wonder if trying to "align" my feet better whilst walking will help their arches.
  • I've had multiple foot surgeries and now have subsequent problems findings shoes to fit or that I can walk in. Therefore, finding a new pair of shoes takes a lot of time, trial, and error. I've almost run out of options, and was hesitant to order on line just because I knew I'd probably have to return them. As predicted that did happen. And though I didn't find a shoe to fit, I appreciate the opportunity to give it a try. I ordered, tried, and returned several times without being charged shipping or any hassle. I thank the orthofeet for that privilege.
  • According to this person's point of view, we all walk with our feet, or with a big toe, because we all assume that the big toe points to the front my paper writer, where the direction of the line of advance is the outer edge of our feet, not the inside.
  • I have been wearing normal sandals for over 5 years now. Orthofeet shoes work great for my feet issues. I have tried other sandals, but I always come back to the orthotic shoes. They might not be the best looking ones, but for sure the most comfortable.
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