Need trail shoes, don't like my Spiridons

I have a pair of Spiridon LS which I find very constrictive across the top of the foot.  The leather band has actually given me blisters. 

Any recommendations of models for trail running, other than Spiridons.  Interested in all experiences.  Thanks.


  • What characteristics are you looking for? I've only worn my Spyridon MRs with socks.
  • Five finger model, grippy traction for trails, wide fit, good for trail running.

    I just can't figure out what other model FF would be good for trail running. 

    I have also thought of taking a sharp knife to the leather band on my Spiridons and cutting it, but I am nervous about cutting the whole shoe.  Maybe I should take the shoe to a cobbler and have them modify it for me...
  • The Trek and TrekSport models are good for rough ground, but a little more flexible than the Spyridon's tractor tyre sole. You will feel the rocks and gravel more in the thinner soles.

    Is the band the one over the top of the foot at the base of the laces? It's common to most laced Vibram models.

    You probably have a very high arch.
  • It depends on your "tender footedness"...  If being shod is necessary, I've trail run Trek's, KSO, Komodo, EL-X and KSO Evo...  I found the Trek and Komodo soles to be fine on dry surfaces or wet dirt only...  If I'm by water they are a not my choice as there aren't enough points of contact.  The original KSO's actually do better for me on wet rocks then the Trek/Komodo mainly because I can dig in with my toes. Of course if it is really muddy they are lacking in traction...  My favorite go-to is now the KSO Evo, it does well for me on most surfaces and provides me the ground feel/toe flex I crave....  They are thin, so if you are prone to stone bruising or don't scan ahead for foot placement they will not be a good fit...  There are other non-toed options as well that some individuals I know use, but my feet are too wide...
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