The World's Best Barefoot Ultra Marathoners Race with Wooden Balls-I Made Some.

Hey everyone!  After reading Chris McDougall's "Born to Run," I was pretty much obsessed with the idea of playing rarajipari.  For those who haven't read the book, rarajipari is a running-game played by a tribe of super endurance athletes called the Tarahumara.  I was attracted to the idea of the game because I love running barefoot and the Tarahumara only play this game with minimalist footwear.  It's pretty much a team sport designed just for barefoot runners.  I had to play!  After some research and hard work I made some wooden balls used to play the game.  This ( ) link will take you to the imgur album that illustrates my creation process.  The beginning of the album also tells you a little bit more about the Tarahumara.  

Hope you like it!  Does anybody know about any other sports that are preferentially played barefoot or with minimalist footwear??    


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