trying to figure out my size

Finally!! Found the shoes I've been looking for! Have owned Fila skele-toes, but looking forward to a couple of pairs of Vibrams,.. Need a little help on sizing though,...inside my Fila the size says Usa 9, Uk 8 , and Eur 42,.. Was a former speedskater so I'm aware that the Euro sizes vary from different boot companies I would buy from, sometimes it was 38, sometimes 40-42 ,..  Need to figure this out so I can order barefoot is what I go all the time, even when I skated,... Thanks! And glad I found this forum


  • First use Vibram's own chart with a measurement of your foot's longest dimension: heel to longest toe.

    Then try that size on. Your toes should almost be grazing the ends of the pockets with your heel firmly in the back of the shoe. If you've more than a quarter of an inch (6mm) of space, size down; if your toes are pressing at the ends, size up.

    If you have narrow feet, you might get away with a smaller size in some styles. Conversely wider feet might need a larger size in some styles.

    The only way to find out your true size is to try them out I'm afraid.
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