Any hope for my SeeYa LS

Got these shoes from a local dealer back in January, big discount.
Coming back home last time I used them (5 days ago) I noticed this (see pictures). Both shoes are done :-(

Is there any hope I could repair these?
Is this a normal thing with the Five Fingers? I hope not.




  • No surely not normal. I don't see how these could be repaired unfortunately...I don't have the SeeYa, but I know it is especially thin. Coincidence, one of my older models of Classics' sole just happened to become unglued from the upper (on a toe) last night. First time in the 4 years and 22 Vff's. I do wear them a lot and wash them regularly, but I was kind of bummed. I bought Shoe Goo online and I hope I can repair them as they otherwise are in great shape.

    My Bikilas EVO WP also ripped right behind the ball of the foot (there is a flex seam there which seems to have been poorly designed), I got them fixed with a piece of leather glued inside this week, I hope they will still be waterproof come winter...
  • No hope of repairing those I am afraid.  I almost wonder if they were too narrow for you.  It almost seems as though your feet just pushed right through the shoes.  Your real name isn't Bruce Banner is it?  I would recommend a completely different model, and also maybe going up a size.

  • I thought nobody was going to discover my real identity... LOL
    Not sure about going up a size, they were really comfy. Different model? done.

    Thanks for the replies guys.

    Bruce B....

  • I had fit issues with the See-Ya LS, so I ended up buying the Velcro version of the See-Ya.  That may be an option for you, otherwise a different model altogether.  Are you just using these for everyday wear or running?  Maybe something like Speeds with a little stretchier upper might work out for you.
  • I indeed just ordered a pair of Speed XC.
    I am afraid I cannot get SeeYa's anymore, I thought they were discontinued. :-(
    Thanks again.

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