Bikila Sizing Question

Hi Everyone,

my Name is Stephan I'am from Germany, so please forgive my english which is not the best.

At the Moment I have got a pair of KSO EVOs in size 44 and a Pair of Spyridons (the original ones with the strap) in size 45. I tried the Spyridons in 44 and after walking around in them for half an hour my toes hurt, because they were to small. The Kso EVOs fit snug around the toes, but even when I wear them the whole day, I don't get Problems. Now I want to buy a pair of Bikilas (the original ones with the Strap) because I could need some running shoes. The KSO EVOs sole wears out to quick when running pavement in my opinion. I could also buy the Bikila EVOs but there is a sale on german Ebay at the moment for the original Bikilas, which makes them about half the price of the EVOs.
My Question is now, which size to buy for the Bikilas. I have tried a pair of Bikila EVOs in size 45 which was way to large, so I send them back. I don't want have another "sending back and ordering again" action, so I thought I just ask the pros here in the forum. Or do you say the Bikilas absolutly fail against the Bikila EVOs and the EVOs are worth the nearly double price? If you say so I would consider to buy the EVOs in size 44 and try them again.




  • Welcome! Are your feet broad or are they narrow?
  • Welcome Trisman...
    How many miles are you getting out of your KSO Evo's?  I have seen no wear on mine or my EL-X's utilizing the same sole. 
  • Similarly, where on the sole gets the most wear?
  • Hey,

    first of all, thanks for the replies!

    My feet are somewhere in the middle with a slight direction to narrow.
    I did not run many miles in my EVOs (like 10 or so) but I wear them the whole day for a few month when it is warm enough. If I had to guess I would say they got about 150 miles on them. Most of the time Iam walking on pavement and other hard grounds. The most wear off is at the ball of the foot. Don't get me wrong, they are not worn out extremely, but it is well noticeable. My fear is now, that running will even wear them out more quickly because I think running is more aggressive to the sole than normal daywear.
    Another thing why I would like to try the Bikilas is, that I would like to have two different pair of shoes for sport and dayuse, so that I don't have to wash them as often. When I would come to work with my smelly runningshoes colleagues might not appreciate it that much...


  • I'd expect no better performance from the Bikila on wear until you take care of your form...  There is a wealth of information on here in past posts that can help guide you.  I'd suspect if you go for a walk barefoot on the same surfaces that you will see a "hotspot" develop on the sole of your foot in that same area.  You need to correct that first or the VFF addiction will be a very expensive one for you  ;D  With proper form that fabric between the toes will fail before the soles....  I was into the 1000's with my KSO's before they needed retired...  My now "go to "EVO's" are wearing similarly for me...
  • OK, thats a word. Then I will just try to improve my walking and running style bevor I get a new pair. I think this pair of EVOs will have to be colletaral damage before I get it right...  :P ;D
  • Try short walks on hard surfaces barefoot and read your skin.  By short I mean SHORT... ;)  Again, there is a wealth of info here in older posts.  We all started somewhere and had habits to break...  Good luck... 8)
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