CVT LS comparative sizing

Looking to get a pair of CVT LS, mostly for travelling, and wondering if anyone can give me an idea on how they size compared to other styles. I seem to fall between 44 and 45
I have so far;
EL-X size 45, super tight both in length and across top of foot. Were bought for travelling but find them too tight to wear for long, could maybe have done with LS version or sized up. Will probably just use them for running to replace the
Classic Olympics (size 44) perfect fit, but just about worn out from running. Expecting holes to appear in soles soon.
Classics (denim.yellow, size 44) still in use but also very worn and too loose to run in now. Just used for walking in. Often take them off and go barefoot to stop any more wear and have them last! Compared to the Olympics they look a size bigger.
Bikila LS (45) - good fit with socks
Spyridion (44) good fit with/without socks
Lontra (45) just a hair too short of perfect with socks,  but still fine. Not too keen on the sole - far too stiff/thick. Winter wear only.
Komodo (45) went in the bin when they fell apart. Good sockless fit.


  • I found CVt LS to be too small for me.  I wear M40 in KSO, M41 in Classics and Sprints, M42 is Spyridon LS, Bikila LS, Komodosport LS.  I tried the CVT LS in a M41 and there was no hope.  I don't think the 42 would have offered much relief. 
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