Melted a hole in 3 day old KSO EVO's

I treated myself to a brand new pair of evo's while on vacation, as I LOVE my old KSO. Well we went to a water park and I guess I didn't have my feet up enough on one of the slides and it melted a hole in 'em.  Any suggestions on how I could repair them? I know vibram probably wouldn't warranty them as it isn't a defect. Kinda bummed  :'(



  • Paint black your heel you could.
  • WOW....  Sounds like your water park needs more water on its slides!!!!  My family was just to both the water and amusement park last week and put many wet and dry miles on our KSO's and KSO Evo's.  I'm glad we didn't experience the same failure...  You could put a piece of black Coban and shoe glue it in from the inside...  Where did you buy them?  You'd be surprised of the condition of some of the returns I've seen in the REI garage sales.  Honestly I'd try taking them back and say, "Look what happened to these going down a water slide"... 
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