how to clean leather insole on leather kso trek?

I've gone through 3 pairs of leather KSO treks. The first two the leather on the insoles has completely worn away from them getting gummed up constantly, they would feel like wearing greasy socks.  The goo would form up in black blobs on the leather and I would try to scrape it away with a blunt tool only to see the leather disintegrating with it.
Now I think it's a combination of leather fragments, glue, and the evo foam or whatever it's called. not to mention the fabric between most of the toes has separated from the soles.
Now on my 3rd pair i'm runnimng into the same problem with the leather insoles. they stick to my feet and cause my feet to be all dyed brown and i'm gouging the leather again simply by trying to lightly scrape out the black goo.

The leather on the insole feels great at first. But it is hard to keep clean and dry and maintain without it getting gummed up and all torn apart. How do I extract all the sweat and goo out of the leather without ruining it?
I don't mind discoloration of the leather, i just hate when it gets so soggy with sweat and dirt that simply wiping it causes it to fall apart and rip and otherwise get embedded in my feet.

Throwing them in the laundry only seems to wash out the color and make the leather more crispy (without using dryer ofc).


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