Sizing: how tight should they be?

Hi, I'm starting to get frustrated with the 5-fingers and I'm not sure if I can find ones that fit me. I'm a woman who usually wears size 6.5 although in taking lots of measurements I think I maybe should be wearing 7.

I first tried the Alitza in size 37. Too small. Since found out that the Alitzas specifically run small so I wasn't sure what to try. Taking measurements and using vibrams sizing chart, I thought I should be a 38 normally and a 39 in Alitza.

Next tried a 38 classic. This was too large. It felt nice, but constantly slipped around and so it eventually chafed my heel. Tightening the elastic a lot made this somewhat better but it still slipped some unless it was so tight it pinched.

Next tried a 37 KSO. I'm trying to figure out what I think. It feels a bit too tight on the ankle hole, but livable, but my big toe feels like it's jammed up against the front. I can't figure out if it's jammed too much.. It feels ok sometimes, but if I flex my toes up then it's way too tight. However the rest of the fit of the 37 (other toes, width) feels great. Like a second skin. Just I can't flex my toes.

Should I try a 38 KSO and give up on classics? Should I try a 37 classic? Is the difference between my big toe and the other toes too great for me to wear vibrams? The other toes are swimming around in their pockets on both the 37's and 38's.

Just really not sure what to do.
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