Minimalist Shoes, A Good Choice For Me?

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Would appreciate some advise, so I've recently started running again, but I suffer with quite a few injuries mainly that I've dislocated both my knee caps & when I do run I often get pain on the arches of my feet, I used to play football but it's a bit much at the moment so I'm looking to build up with small slow paced runs to get fit again.

Essentially my question is what can I do to avoid getting injured as regularly... I've been trying to read into it, and I've got myself some knee supports but I was also told about minimalist shoes and how they can prevent injuries by aiding your natural running technique, I can't find a whole lot on it just this page really

Has anyone had any experience with shoes by them? There quite pricey so I don't just want to jump into buying them if they aren't going to make much of a difference.


  • I think the best thing you can do is just try running barefoot outside.

    You might find some useful info here:

    Vivos are just fine and you'll notice a difference to your typical sneakers when wearing them/running in them. That said, if you want to change your form, the best way is to get better feedback the most direct way possible, which is through the foot.
  • Whatever you do, start slowly and only gradually work yourself up to your target, even if it feels great. With minimalist footwear you're effectively re-learning how to walk and run.
  • My foot torment was quickly diminished. I have plantars fasciitis. Due to this I've burned through cash on supplements. First economical, and after that better more costly embeds. I obtained better shoes and tennis shoes. I've taken a stab at taping my foot. Specialists, extending, works out, and so on and so on.. In any case, I just got some help. Nothing helped much or for long. At that point I purchased orthofeet tennis shoes. It has been groundbreaking. My feet never again hurt.
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