birthday shoes for offtrail?

I recently moved to a house next to the Los Padres National Forest in the middle of nowhere Southern California. Its very hot and there are bristes and burrs everywhere . I tried going out hiking offtrail with my toe shoes but the space between the toes they filled up with plants. I looked for minimalist boots and bought "Vivobarefoot Men's Gobi II Desert Boot" They look and feel great but the top is open and I keep finding thorns and spikes getting past my pants and down into my boot.

Any suggestions?
I can't find any shoes to suit my needs.
I looked into gaiters and from what I saw the basic design envoles a strap that goes in the heel of my shoe which my flat shoes don't have, or I can place a strip of velcro at the back of my shoe, which I'd rather not do because it would ruin the look of the fine leather.


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