KSO Evo - webbing material changed from original?

I wanted to check here to see if anyone has any info or maybe a similar experience with the KSO Evo. The first 3 pairs I got were from right when they originally came out, all size 43. Recently I bought another pair since one of the originals had holes appear between the toes, also size 43. They fit quite a bit differently, a little tighter around the wide part of my foot. They're wearable (and have loosened a little after a few days of wear) but I was trying to figure out what was up. At first I thought they may have been fakes so I ordered another pair straight from vibram (as opposed to Amazon) and they're the same as the other new ones! The difference appears to be the webbing that gives them structure. It's less "shiny" than my older ones. More rubbery? The old webbing did tend to crack a little after months of wear but I didn't mind since they were black on black anyway and that helped them stretch and become even more comfortable.

Has anyone else noticed this change?
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