Hi from Hampshire!

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Hi, I'm Joe and I'm a new owner of some super cool blue/camo KSOs.

I took up running at the start of this year, when a friend suggested we run the Fleet Half Marathon (which we did), but I've really struggled to keep it up because of constant knee pain. Wanting to get back into running, I was surfing around and came across the whole barefoot movement, and - consequently - the VFF movement.

Although I couldn't find any KSOs locally, I did manage to find them online, and received them yesterday. I've gone out for my maiden run in them today and wow, it was really enjoyable (partly, probably, because of the novelty value... boys and their toys) and also very interesting to see just how differently I run in them compared to my Mizuno running shoes. I could definitely feel some muscles working that hadn't for some time (if ever, really), which is definitely a good thing. And, best of all, no knee pain.

I'm hoping to meet people on here who are going through the same journey as I am, hopefully towards greater fitness and running (& walking) pleasure.



  • Welcome to the forum Joe,

    I am across in Somerset and luckily I bought both my pairs on ebay, KSO's cost me £76 with postage and my Sprints were £68 with postage.
    Luckily using the measurement charts both pairs fitted perfectly.

    I guarantee everyone will stare at you - Dont know if they will become more readily available here in the UK soon!

    Welcome again.

  • I did have a look on eBay, but there wasn't a huge choice, and nothing that looked like it would save any money. I suppose that's the thing... you can get some great stuff, but only if someone happens to be selling it at the time you look.

    If I could get some Sprints for under £70, I might very well do so (although not sure whether I'd go for grey or red).

    I certainly haven't seen anyone else wearing VFFs, but I keep promising my friends that it's only the start of the revolution. Needless to say, they're ever so slightly sceptical. Fortunately, though, my girlfriend is very positive about it, and I can see her getting a pair in the not too distant future.

    Thanks for the welcome. I look forward to speaking to you (sing. and plu.) soon.
  • Welcome, Joeoha!!  ;D
  • Welcome to the forums Joe!! Keep us posted on your progress!
  • Joeoha

    Hello from Leicester. Yep the sore muscles is a right of passage, they have been dormant while wearing other shoes. Couple of weeks or so to adapt depending on mileage

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